Welcome to your WordPress navigator

I provide plans for individuals, teams, agencies, and product creators to attain their goals. Whether you need help with product reviews, navigating block themes, site editing, or anything else, these plans will enable you to realize the full potential of WordPress both now and in the future.

How does it work?

Step one is reaching out through the contact form. Then we will have a discovery session in whatever format works for you – some prefer a voice chat, some video and others like written format. As we connect your plan will be discussed and a solution tailoured to suit you. 

Once we have a plan, we will agree either a repeat monthly engagement or an individual charge. This is why I don’t put a price on plans, each is up to your need. Some like the frequency of doing over a few months, booking hours or one day a week. Others want to block a week or more to sprint – this is up to you how your plan works. Finally, we action the plan, ensuring we check along the way the path is still working for you.

Who am I?

Hi, I am Tammie Lister, I have over 18 years of experience within WordPress. I have been a core contributor for many of those years. I also worked on the first phase of Gutenberg, the editing experience for WordPress.

My work has spanned across design, product and engineering. I’ve worked in startups, for products and agencies. I have also mentored designers, product creators and founders. At the heart of it all is WordPress. Now, I want to bring that knowledge to you. 

I also run a classic to block theme service if you are looking for that option.