• Hello World

    Good things start with a hello world, so hello world. This site itself brings together many aspects of my work over the past few years. I am a guide, trainer and collaborator at the heart of things. Now, in this one space, I want to combine what I do in plans and have a place to share my insights in this blog.

    A path of dots

    Good navigation starts with a plan, and this site offers three plans as services. That’s just the start. I aim to offer a range of free and supplemental resources. This builds on work I have been doing, for example, with tips at Editor Tips. I have a few ideas and a space now to do it.

    I will blog here about WordPress, focusing on learning, guiding, and exploring the new functionality. You can expect tutorials along the way, and a lot of my past work on those will be brought here from other sites. Expect to see the resources section grow. I want to bring it into this site to become a place where everything comes together. I’ve been looking for that single home and now have found it with this endeavour.

    It’s always exciting to start adventures, and this, in many ways, isn’t a new one as much as focusing on what I have been doing more and more over the years. I’ve got to work with some great people, and this path is well-trodden. I want to share it with more and have more join me on this adventure of discovering new things and empowering themselves, their teams, and their products within the WordPress space.

    Let the adventure begin. I’ve brought snacks and good walking boots.

    A sketch of mountains with a forest